Anne Lee, Suchi Sridhar, Rayan Krishnan, Parth Nain, Isaac Perrin and Fre Qin are students at Tesla STEM High School in Redmond, Washington. They grew up surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and hope to help ensure that future generations will be able to experience the same old growth forests and majestic mountain glaciers that they grew up with. Having attended a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) school for the past few years, they were looking for ways to utilize their technical skills to educate younger generations about a topic they are both very passionate about - sustainability. Hence, Operation Sustain was born.

Rayan Krishnan

Rayan Krishnan is a Junior at Tesla STEM High School. Having spend a considerable amount of his childhood outdoors, he understands the value and concern associated with maintaining sustainable practices. He programed the Operation Sustain team and leads the team in educating students. He is primarily interested in the applications of computer science and engineering to solve conservation issues.


Thank you Dargan Frierson and EarthGames at the University of Washington for your guidance and support along the way. Also thank you to all the teachers and educators who have supported us to launch Operation Sustain thus far.

The original PS group was also a great inspiration in the developments and improvements in Operation Sustain.